1.      Ships must be to define local Agent before arrival to Libyan ports.

2.      Ships be bound to any Libyan ports should be contact with Authorities prior entering territorial waters, using VHF CH 16, 12, 11.

3.      Libyan territorial waters limited by 12 nautical miles and in gulf of Sirt by parallel 32 30′ N.

4.      Passing ships must keep contact with coastal stations.

5.      Ships in anchorage area not allowed changing position without permission.

6.      A pilot service is compulsory in all Libyans ports.

7.      Priority for entering ports will be for passenger ships, live stock, liner, post, cargo, tankers, and dangerous cargo.

8.      No shore leave or crew changes in oil terminals. 

9.      Having on board Israeli products or Israeli flag is strictly prohibited.

10.  Foreign currency not to be taken ashore unless under custom deceleration.

11.  Visits between ships are not allowed without the prior permission from customs and immigration.

12.  No engine repairs to be carried out without permission from port authorities.

13.  Cleaning funnels or making smoke whilst in port is strictly prohibited.

14.  Ships gang way to be in position at all times whilst alongside.

15.  Rat guards to be fixed on every point.

16.  Scrapping or painting not allowed without prior permission.

17.  Red flag to be hoisted in daylight, and red light in the night-time for ships loaded with dangerous cargo.

18.  All communications devices must be off whilst ships alongside. (Wireless Radio, Radio Telephone).

19.  Taking photo in ports is strictly forbidden.

20.  Master must produce all International certificates prescribed for the ship.

21.  Declaring all money, Cigarettes and Spirits with the crew on crew declaration.

22.  Cargo (CBM) should be indicated in Cargo Manifest.

23.  It’s prohibited to keep spirits or offer any spirits to workmen.

24.  All wines, alcohols and excessive cigarettes and pornographic literature on board must be stamped with custom seal and the Master is to see that above is strictly adhered.